Scientific Papers and Reports

A brief background to the marine turtles of Madagascar Gibbons 2013

A report on our family planning project Bassi 2013

ReefDoctor’s scientific paper on the implementation of the Massif des Roses marine reserve, published in the journal of Madagascar Conservation and Development: Belle et al. 2009

A paper by ex- science and socio-economic ReefDoctor staff on the socio-economic perspectives on gear-based management in the Bay of Ranobe: Davies et al. 2009

ReefDoctor presented at the workshop for the adoption of a management and conservation plan for marine turtles in Madagascar, held in Antanaranarivo, February 2011. Read the report on this workshop: Madagascar Turtle Conservation and Management Workshop

ReefDoctor’s 2012 update report on the two marine reserves in the Bay of Ranobe: Bay of Ranobe Marine Reserves Report 2012 English Version French Version

A 2011 ReefDoctor report (funded by the Marine Conservation Society) on the assessment of the curio trade in South West Madagascar: Curio Trade Assessment

A 2012 thesis submitted to Washington State University by Kristin Jones, a SIT (The School for International Training Study Abroad) student who conducted her research at ReefDoctor on taste preferences, market demand and annual catch of the turtle fishery in the Bay of Ranobe: SIT Turtle Fishery Research Thesis

A 2012 thesis submitted to New York University by Suzanne Pierre, a SIT student who conducted her research at ReefDoctor, investigating the human impacts on the seagrass beds in the Bay of Ranobe: SIT Seagrass report

ReefDoctor’s head science officer Emma Gibbons, 2011 MSc thesis on the effects of sedimentation in the Bay of Ranobe: Sedimentation MSc thesis

Josh Hillman’s, an ex ReefDoctor volunteer,  2011 BSc thesis on the effects of illegal fishing pressures on juvenile fish populations; their growth, condition and diversity in the Bay of Ranobe, Southwest Madagascar: Impacts of illegal beach seine fishing

Lauren Wiseborn’s, an external researcher from Johns Hopkins University, USA, 2011 progress report on the changes in chlorophyll concentrations in the Bay of Ranobe between 2002-2011 based on satellite imagery data: Satellite imagery progress report

View the trailer or purchase a copy of the award winning documentary ‘Voyage of the Vezo’, some of which was filmed in Ifaty: Voyage of the Vezo