Our Team

Reef Doctor was founded by Roderick Stein-Rostaing and Daniel Presman in July 2000. The Reef Doctor team is made up of international and Malagasy staff, who are professionals in their respective fields. We are also supported by local Malagasy personnel recruited from villages within the Bay of Ranobe.




Roderick Stein-Rostaing


Reef Doctor’s co-founder Roderick has a BSc in Marine Biology from Swansea University. He is a PADI Dive Master and has worked previously on reef conservation projects in the Philippines and as a Divemaster in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia. Roderick set up Reef Doctor in 2001 and ran the project in-country until early 2008. He is now based in the UK where he runs the company’s UK-based operations and administration, and oversees the volunteer and intern programmes, marketing, and staff recruitment.





Emma Gibbons


Emma has been with Reef Doctor since 2004 (fulfilling the positions of Science Officer and Head Science Officer), during which she gained the experience and skills to become a specialist in the field of marine research, project management and community development. This experience has provided her with the ability to develop long-term strategies for tangible poverty alleviation and ecosystem conservation to benefit coastal communities and safeguard the biodiversity of the region. All of Emma’s work has the community at heart. She lives in Ifaty village, is fluent in Malagasy and has established long-term relationships with local Vezo communities. Emma was responsible the creation of the Reef Doctor Fano project (turtle research and awareness) and helped to establish the local Turtle Protection Association FIMPAMIFA. Due to her exceptional efforts and dedication to Reef Doctor, she was promoted to Director in 2015. She is now responsible for running the company’s in-country operations, providing direct leadership to the Reef Doctor team on-site, and overseeing all Reef Doctor projects. She is also Project Leader of Reef Doctor’s Darwin Initiative-funded alternative livelihoods programme.


Robert Stein-Rostaing


Robert has been a strong supporter of Reef Doctor since its inception and became a director in 2004. He comes from a background in the technology industry where, as an entrepreneur, he built and sold his first company by the age of 24. Robert has a Geography Bachelor of Science Degree from King’s College, London University, is a PADI Advanced diver and was an active member and ambassador for the Royal Geographical Society when he lived in the UK. He currently lives in Australia working in the real estate sector, where in 2015 he created the pioneering Culture College program in East Arnhem Land, bridging the gap between the local Aboriginal communities and secondary school students from across Australia.




Daniel Presman


Co-founder of ReefDoctor Daniel sadly passed away in 2004. He will surely be missed by his friends, family, the Reef Doctor team and the local community he helped. His memory lives on in the work of Reef Doctor, in particular the reef restoration programme which he worked passionately on to implement.



Project Management Team


Julien Leroy

Project Manager


Julien Leroy has a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Project Management, and an Advanced Technician’s Diploma in Commercial Action. He is also a qualified PADI scuba instructor; before joining Reef Doctor he worked in south east Asia as a dive instructor. Prior to that he held several different management-based positions in France, including one for Eco-Emballages, a non-profit company managing household packaging recycling. Julien is responsible for managing the operational and logistical activities of the Ifaty project site, and oversees and integrates all Reef Doctor staff and projects. He is also on hand to assist in the dive training of our volunteers, interns, and Malagasy students from the University of Toliara.



Pierrot Maharavo

Accountant & Staff Manager


Pierrot from Toliara is Reef Doctor’s on-site accountant and has been with the company since 2014. In addition to accounting, he manages the Malagasy staff and organises resupply from Toliara for camp.







Razanamahafaly Nicolastin

Camp Manager


Nicolastin is from Ifaty village and joined Reef Doctor as Camp Manager in February 2016. He is responsible for overseeing the daily camp operations and maintenance/construction.







Katie Riley

Volunteer  & Community Project Coordinator


Katie has a MA Hons in International Relations and Italian from the University of St Andrews. After being inspired by a course on Environmental Politics, she joined Reef Doctor as a Research Assistant and Divemaster Intern in January 2016 and was promoted to Volunteer and Community Project Coordinator in July 2016. She is responsible for several community projects, including the Ifaty women’s rugby team, building a public library, and the Hazo (Tree) project. She is also responsible for coordinating volunteers on site so that they can get the most out of their experience with Reef Doctor.




Science Team


Julie Pereira

Head Science Officer


Julie became our Head Science Officer after impressing us during her 3 months as a Reef Doctor Research Assistant. She has a 5-year university degree in Environment & Law from the Institut Supérieur de l’Environnement, France and two Master degrees; Coastal and Ocean Management from the University of Montpellier and Island & Ocean Environments from the University of French Polynesia. Before joining Reef Doctor she acquired extensive research experience in the Mediterranean and French Polynesia including marine protected area and ocean biogeochemical fieldwork. As Head Science Officer, she is responsible for leading all of Reef Doctor’s marine research and training programmes.


Christina Pullan

Science Officer


Christina holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Brighton and a MSc in Climate Change from Heriot Watt University. She joined the science team in October 2016 with 4 years of experience in delivering marine education and conservation. She has previously worked as an Assistant Marine Conservation & Engagement Officer for Sussex Wildlife Trust, a Trainee Marine & Coastal Conservation Officer for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, a Shark Tagging Research Assistant for the Marine Life Trust, and a Marine Education & Conservation Officer for the NGO Ecoteer in Malaysia. Christina joins the team with an excellent knowledge of Madagascar’s marine ecosystems having previously spent time in the north of Madagascar as a Marine Research Assistant with the NGO Frontier. In her role as Science Officer, she is responsible for conducting regular marine research, training our volunteers/interns, and helping to run our coral reef restoration programmes.


Richard Tyrell

Science Officer


Richard has a First Class degree in Applied Marine & Terrestrial Ecology Bsc (Hons) from Bangor University. He has previously worked in Kenya as a water sports instructor and has also spent some time volunteering there as a field researcher studying Angolan Colobus Monkeys for Colobus Conservation Limited. He first joined ReefDoctor as a Research Assistant & Divemaster intern in April 2016. After excelling in his internship role, we offered him the position of Science Officer in October 2016. Richard’s main responsibilities include undertaking coral reef monitoring, teaching and training volunteers/interns, and coral reef restoration work. He is also leading our artificial reef project.



Dive Team


Louis-Frederick Drouin-Guay

Head Dive Officer


Louis, a PADI Speciality instructor, joined the team as our Head Dive Officer at the end of 2016. He is responsible for all of our diving operations and training. Before joining us he previously worked as a scientific diver and animal trainer in an aquarium in Quebec, and spent the previous 5 years travelling the world as a Divemaster. Louis is also a qualified marine biologist, having gained his bachelor’s degree at Laval University, Quebec City in 2011.






Boat Captain


Manjo is a local from the village of Ifaty and lives with his family just opposite the Reef Doctor camp. He has been with the team since 2009 and, alongside the dive officer, is in charge of the projects boats, and engine operations and maintenance. His exceptional knowledge of the ocean and the Bay of Ranobe ensures the safety of all diving operations.






Boat Captain


Bostata is also from the village of Ifaty and joined us in 2015 as a second boat captain.








Aquaculture & Fisheries Team


Cale Golding

Darwin Initiative Project Coordinator & Senior Aquaculture Scientist


Cale studied Marine Science at the University of Sydney, Australia. It was during these studies that he came to appreciate the immense strain being place on marine ecosystems. Upon graduation he entered work in the aquaculture industry, seeking to alleviate pressure on natural fisheries through seaweed farming. After four years in the aquaculture industry, Cale returned to university earning his master degree in Tropical Ecology and Conservation from James Cook University. After a short stint of working at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Cale joined Reef Doctor to work on the Darwin Initiative-funded alternative livelihoods programme, combining his aquaculture experience with his passion for marine conservation.


Livatiana Ramanjehimanana

Aquaculture Administrative Manager


Liva gained an MSc in Applied Oceanology from the IH.SM, Toliara. Following this, he worked as a marine ecotoxicology and pollution research assistant at the Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines. Liva first joined Reef Doctor as a Community Aquaculture Technician & Socioeconomic Officer in 2014. He is responsible for coordinating the installation of seaweed and sea cucumber aquaculture systems, monitoring aquaculture productivity, organising community meetings and conducting poverty surveys. He is also trained to tagged turtles as part of the Reef Doctor Fano project. He was promoted to Aquaculture Administrative Manager in July 2016.




Jivan Vidjay Kumar

Aquaculture Field Operations Manager


Jivan has an MSc in Geology from the University of Toilara. With previous experience in the SW Madagascar aquaculture industry, he joined Reef Doctor as a Community Aquaculture Technician & Socioeconomic Officer in 2014. He works alongside Liva to coordinate the installation of seaweed and sea cucumber aquaculture systems, monitor aquaculture productivity, organise community meetings and conduct poverty surveys. He is also trained in turtle tagging for the Reef Doctor Fano project. He was promoted to Field Operations Manager in July 2016.




Oriana Wouters

Aquaculture Technical Manager


Oriana was the first person to join Reef Doctor’s Aquaculture Internship in September 2015. She has a BSc in Biology and MSc in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management, from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Following her studies, she gained experience working as a Fisheries Biology Intern in Bonaire, Caribbean. Due to her hard work and commitment to our Alternative Livelihoods Programme, she was offered the formal position of Reef Doctor Aquaculture Assistant in March 2016 and promoted to Technical Manager in July 2016.



Zafimandala ‘Lin’ Telesphore

Head Aquaculture Technician


Lin joined the Reef Doctor team in 2016 as Head Aquaculture Technician. He has a bachelor degree from the University of Toliara and an aquaculture technician vocational certification from the Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines. Before coming to Reef Doctor he previously worked as a Community Aquaculture Technician for the NGO Blue Ventures. He has also worked for a variety of social development organisations in Madagascar including Action Against Hunger, CENI-T, and Diorano Wash.






Aquaculture Technical Support


Mamonto from Ifaty village is a valuable member of the aquaculture team providing logistical support and supporting community outreach.










Aquaculture Technician


Prosper is from Sarandrano, St Augustine and is now based in Ifaty where he trains and supports farmers in our aquaculture programmes.








Aquaculture Technician


Joel, from Ambovombeandroy, joined the ReefDoctor team in 2016. He is based in Ifaty where he too trains and supports farmers in our aquaculture programmes.









Fisheries Technician


Bosco is from Ifaty and has been helping with ReefDoctor fisheries surveys in the village for five years. Over recent years he has progressed through the fisheries ranks and is now a fisheries technician. Bosco really knows his fish species and is a vital member of the team.







Community Education


Apolline Mercier

Education Officer


Apolline has a BSc in Nature Administration and Protection. She joined Reef Doctor as a Research Assistant and Dive Master Intern in January 2015 and was promoted to Science Officer in July 2015.  In 2015 Apolline also completed CetaMada volunteer training on whale monitoring (at their main site in Ille Saint Marie, east coast Madagascar) to undertake whale and dolphin research around the Bay of Ranobe. After a year spent as a ReefDoctor Science Officer, she decided to make the transition into our community development programme in order to passionately deliver effective education to the local community. She is involved with all aspects of community education  including Kids Club, Junior ReefDoctors, and adult English/French lessons. Since taking on this new role she has successfully implemented a new and improve education programme for the wider community involving health and hygiene lessons, a pre-school preparation course, general knowledge lessons for adults, and extra-circular activities for school children.


Tahiry Rajaonarison

Education Officer


Tahiry, also known as Tax, is from the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo where he studied and was certified in Organizational Communication at a private university. He has previously spent 2 years in South Africa as a religious missionary volunteer. He is certified in teaching foreign languages (ACTFL – American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages), ranked intermediate high. Tax’s motto is “teach people not lesson” and he always try to act on this. He worked as a translator before joining ReefDoctor in 2016. Tax is a valued and friendly member of our education team, and he is passionate about education. He is responsible for all aspects of our community education programme including Kids Club, Junior ReefDoctors, and adult English/French lessons.


Communications Team & External Support


Dr Vivienne Stein-Rostaing, PhD

Communications Leader & Scientific Consultant


Viv holds a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology and a MSc in Tropical Coastal Management from Newcastle University. She completed her PhD, researching the effects of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems, at Plymouth University in 2012. Viv has previously worked as a science officer at Reef Doctor in 2008 and 2012. She also has gained marine research and conservation experience in Honduras, Thailand, Seychelles, South Africa, and North Madagascar. She is currently based in the UK, providing scientific research support to Reef Doctor, and overseeing the company’s  communications and social media outreach programmes.


Ivana Rubino

In-country Communications Officer


Ivana joined Reef Doctor as a Divemaster and Science Intern in June 2015. Following completion of her internship she became our In-country Communications Officer. She is responsible for regularly communicating the work of Reef Doctor via the website blog and social media updates to the general public, in addition to ensuring effective communications in country, both within the Reef Doctor team and with local stakeholders.




Dr Maria Campbell, PhD

Scientific Consultant


Maria is an expert in marine fisheries and recently completed her doctorate at Plymouth University. She lives America where she acts as a fisheries consultant for Reef Doctor, and supports the company’s marketing and fundraising operations.



Malagasy Support Team



Head Chef

Originally from the city of Toliara, victor now lives with his wife Raissa close to the RD camp in Ifaty. He has been with the team since 2011 and brings to the table his experiences in cooking for restaurants in Toliara and Hotels in Ifaty and Mangily. He ensures the smooth running of the kitchen and its team, providing a mix of western and Malagasy meals for the project staff and volunteers.







Assistant Chef

Azy has been with the team since its inception in 2002, cooking her local malagasy dishes for 14 years. She lives with her family on the land of the University of Toliara nextdoor to the Reef Doctor camp.









Kitchen Support

Raissa is the wife of victor helping him and Azy with cooking duties but most importantly keeping the kitchen area clean. She also helps Siza with camp cleaning duties.







Head of Security

Prosy has been with the team since 2010 and lives with his family in the village Tsivenoe located inland behind the Reef Doctor site and Ifaty village. The majority of the villages here are pastoralists and work in the Ranobe spiny forest. As well as being our Head of Security, Prosy also collects and supplies the Reef Doctor campsite with all of its locally sourced fresh water.







Maintenance staff

Jhonny has been with the team since 2007 involved in campsite maintenance, construction and always on hand to help with project activities.









Day Guardian & Maintenance

Farcee is from Ifaty and joined Reef Doctor in 2015 as one of our day guardians for the University of Toliara land that houses some of the Reef Doctor volunteer huts. He also helps out Jhonny with camp maintenance.







Maintenance staff

Naturikie joined the team in 2016. He is responsible for maintenance and gardening on the site of our aquaculture office.









Camp Management Intern

Pashna is originally from the forest village Behelo and joined Reef Doctor as a Camp Management Intern in March having successfully completed a training program with S.O.S Village D’Enfants. She deals with resupply orders and general camp management.









Antoinette joined the team in 2016. She is responsible for the camp laundry, and keeps the camp clean and tidy.











Priska joined the team with Antoinette in 2016. She is also responsible for the laundry and cleaning on camp.