Reef Doctor’s Core Work

Reef Doctor is working to monitor coral reef health, protect threatened coastal ecosystems, and manage marine resources, while simultaneously improving the lives of the impoverished Vezo communities in South West Madagascar. We are located in the Bay of Ranobe, next to the fishing village of Ifaty, and have been working in this region since 2002.

We conduct applied marine research and promotes conservation and resource management through outreach, education, and community development projects. These programmes are designed with the local Vezo fishing community at heart and share a core value of sustainability. As an integral, well-established and respected member of the community, Reef Doctor works in collaboration with village presidents, fishermen, tourist operators, government ministries, and other NGOs in order to address the issues affecting the Bay of Ranobe’s ecosystems and communities.

Please visit the following pages to learn about our core work activities which we have been conducting in the Bay of Ranobe for over a decade:

Marine Research

Marine Management

Community Development

Over recent years we have also introduced several new long-term projects in response to advancing ecological issues and to further address the needs of the local communities. You can read about these on the following pages:

Alternative Livelihoods Programme –  Sea Cucumber & Seaweed Aquaculture

Reef Doctor Fano Project – Turtle Fishery Management

Reef Doctor Hara Project – Coral Reef Restoration