What we are doing

ReefDoctor aims to conserve the threatened marine habitats in the Bay of Ranobe, whilst helping to support and improve the welfare of the Vezo that are dependent on the associated marine resources.

In developing a program of sustainable conservation for the Bay of Ranobe, ReefDoctor has formulated a set of three key objectives:

1) Marine Research

2) Marine Management

3) Community Development

Our reef health research programme focuses on using standard survey techniques to provide reliable information on the current status of the reef and reef fishes living in the area of the Bay of Ranobe. Alongside this, our marine management programme enables us to establish the extent to which the local population relies on the reef for sustenance and income and how management of the existing resources may be enhanced to improve yields and reduce the impact on the reef. Finally, our community development programme provides educational support for all levels of the community, and explores how the introduction of alternative livelihoods and incomes such as eco-tourism might benefit their development. The results of ReefDoctor’s programmes are fed back to the Ministry of Fisheries, other government departments, the local community to help them better manage their resources and to relevant regional and international coral reef monitoring and management organisations to further wider scale studies of coral reef research.