About Us

Reef Doctor is a UK-based, nonprofit, tropical marine conservation organisation working in south-west Madagascar. Our organisation adopts a holistic approach to undertake coral reef conservation, through the integration of marine research, management, education, and social development initiatives. We work with local fishing communities to encourage the sustainable use of marine resources in order to protect ecologically valuable […]

Reef Doctor’s Core Work

Reef Doctor is working to monitor coral reef health, protect threatened coastal ecosystems, and manage marine resources, while simultaneously improving the lives of the impoverished Vezo communities in South West Madagascar. We are located in the Bay of Ranobe, next to the fishing village of Ifaty, and have been working in this region since 2002. We conduct […]


Here you can read regular updates on Reef Doctor’s marine research, conservation, management and community development projects.

Volunteer with Reef Doctor

Whether it’s a gap year diving break, furthering your studies abroad, or just a break in your travels to do something different, volunteering with Reef Doctor is an experience you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Reef Doctor volunteer programs are a unique opportunity to experience Madagascar, its people, and its culture, whilst contributing to marine conservation and sustainable community development.

You can make a lasting impact by assisting our team in a variety of  research, conservation, and community development projects. Take part in the on-going monitoring and restoration of coral reefs, implementation of sustainable fisheries, and the establishment and maintenance of aquaculture initiatives. Ultimately, you will be making a valuable contribution to the conservation of one of the most beautiful (and most threatened) ecosystems of them all, the coral reef.

Our programmes are designed with the community at their heart; our work is directed at helping local communities develop and grow while conserving their culture and resources. A Reef Doctor expedition is all about making a difference and you’ll be contributing to helping us fulfil our long term ecological and social objectives in the Bay of Ranobe.

Take a look at our volunteer programmes, we have four on offer to suit a range of people.

Reef Doctor Volunteer Programmes

  • EcoDiver

    The Reef Doctor EcoDiver Programme is a great way to become dive certified, learn about the marine environment and experience conservation in action. It has been designed for those who can only join us for a limited period of time.

  • Research Assistant

    The Reef Doctor Research Assistant programme trains volunteers to become integral members of our marine research team. It also provides the opportunity for you to get involved in a variety of our marine management, conservation and development projects.

  • Divemaster Intern

    The Research Assistant and Divemaster Internship is on offer for those looking to make a greater time commitment to Reef Doctor. This 6 month position allows people with a keen interest in tropical marine conservation, but with limited experience, to gain their first steps in this exciting, yet demanding work field.

  • Aquaculture Intern

    Our Aquaculture Internship is on offer for those looking to gain fieldwork experience in community-based aquaculture and socio-economic development. This position allows people with a keen interest in this field, but with limited experience, to gain their first steps in this exciting but demanding discipline. We offer 2, 3, and 6 month internship positions.