First Female Seaweed Technician Starts Work Today

Story by Ivana Rubino, Communications Officer 

It’s a very proud day for ReefDoctor and the Bay of Ranobe as Irenne Cavesy, our first female seaweed technician, begins work training seaweed farmers in the community.

Madam Cavesy has been farming seaweed with her son in Mangily since March 2015. She recently began training as a technician because she wanted to develop seaweed farming in the region by sharing her knowledge and experience with the community and neighbouring villages.

ReefDoctor is very proud of all the seaweed technicians and what they have achieved in recent months, but we are especially proud of Madam Cavesy because she is pioneering the advancement of women in seaweed farming in this region. In her own words, she is proud of herself for being the first female seaweed technician. She now has the skills and training to educate other women in the community; promoting gender equality and empowering Vezo women.

We wish Madam Cavesy and all the seaweed technicians in the bay continued success in the expansion of the Darwin Initiative-funded alternative livelihoods project and working towards a better quality of life.