xmas party

First Junior ReefDoctors Christmas Party a Huge Success

Story by RD Communications Officer Ivana Rubino

ReefDoctor threw it’s first Junior ReefDoctors Christmas party on Saturday and it was so much fun. The Juniors don’t always get the opportunity to just be kids. They have lots of responsibilities besides going to school, so it was important to set some time aside for them to just have fun. They really deserved it.



The Juniors had no idea about the party and arrived on Saturday morning expecting their usual class. Their faces lit up when they saw the decorations and all the presents laid out under the Christmas tree.  But that was nothing compared to the excitement when the Juniors spotted Dada Be Noel (Santa Claus in Malagasy) making his way across the beach!


Dada Be Noel was just as excited to see the Juniors and couldn’t wait to start handing out the presents and sweets he had for them.  He called each Junior up to get their treats.  Some were a little shier than others but the gifts had them smiling in no time. It made the ReefDoctor team so happy to watch the Juniors all open their gifts together.  The children were thrilled and thanked Dada Be Noel with a song. The festivities were topped off with snacks and fizzy drinks. Everyone really enjoyed the party. The ReefDoctor team can’t wait to treat the Juniors again next Christmas!