seaweed drying

Ifaty Seaweed Farmers: Round 2!

Update by RD Aquaculture Intern Oriana Wouters

Training started this week for more fishermen from Ifaty who are joining our Darwin Initiative-funded Alternative Livelihoods Programme. Ifaty is expanding its seaweed farms with 28 fishermen joining the current 40 seaweed farmers from this village. These fishermen were introduced to the materials used to cultivate seaweed, and shown how to prepare their ropes and how to grow the best seaweed. The fishermen received training from both ReefDoctor and current Ifaty farmers who joined the program during the first round last year. The new farmers are very excited about the prospect of seaweed farming, and will continue training for the remainder of the week. They will receive their first seaweed propagules following completion of their training.