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Artificial Reef Site Gains New Habitat Enhancement Structures

During the past few weeks at Reef Doctor, volunteers have been providing valuable assistance with the community-based artificial reef project. They have been busy designing and building two new low-cost habitat enhancement structures in order to promote marine organism colonisation and aggregation at one of the artificial reef site in the Bay of Ranobe. Each week […]

Night Diving in the Bay of Ranobe

In this volunteer blog, Research Assistant Abby Rogerson describes her memorable experience of night diving in the Bay of Ranobe, in what marked her final dive with us. “I’m always weary of building up lasts. I need no culminating spectacle to seal an experience, and I find that reflections of my past are more often […]

DIY – Make Toys With Rubbish

All around the world, children love toys. In Europe and America, toys are everywhere and quite accessible. During holidays, and especially Christmas, is the time when every parent goes and buys toys as a gift for their children. Gifts, in our countries, represent a massive quantity of waste, especially with the packaging and even more […]

Diving Beyond the Barrier

In our latest volunteer experience blog, research assistant Abby Rogerson beautifully describes diving the amazing exterior reefs of the Bay of Ranobe with fantastic photos from our Head Dive Officer Neil Davsion. “Approaching winter in Madagascar is marked by subtle changes: the sand feels cooler on my feet in the morning; the dawn light shining […]

Staff Interview: Aimé Safidinjanahary

Name: Aimé Safidinjanahary (Notahina Noëldo Aimé Rica) Age: 22 Job title: Nurse Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in paramedical at INSFP (Institute of Training of Paramedicals) in Toliara   Tell us about your professional experience. During my studies, I completed an internship at the Emergencies of the Tanila Toliara University Hospital. I also worked as an intern […]